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I feel uprooted.

I don't have my own personal space in which I can work and relax, so I feel like I am more or less drifting through life. I know that for some people that is a very freeing feeling, but for me personally I like to have a home base that I can return to and get things done or destress. I feel very uneasy if I do not have anywhere to be myself.

I currently float between school and home, but had to leave mid-semester due to COVID-19, meaning I had to leave the space I had crafted the best I could to be an escape from the world. A little insight into my personal life, I also float between separate houses and families when I am at home. This is why home has never been that space for me and school became a more consistent place to which I can return.

I look forward to the day I have my own place in some city that I love and can explore. I don't want to have some house in a suburb; I want a condo in a city because I love feeling the energy of people around me. Their activity and personalities inspire me and make me want to be as productive as possible. This is why I go to a public gym rather than workout at home.

I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer here, I just want to talk through my thoughts and feelings in a productive way in order to reach a positive conclusion. That conclusion I think is the drive that I feel to find a personal space in which I can work and I think that when I do achieve that space, it will be an amazing beginning to my actual career as a creator.

This post is mainly just a way for me to put out my thoughts and clear my head on how I am feeling. I normally avoid spreading out my feelings to others but I hope that this blog will help me to open up and try to actively work through my life and any issues or positives that pop up. That being said, go out and take some cool pics of your workspace!

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