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Quarantine's Creative Rut

How did I manage to stay creative during quarantine? I'll be honest, it was extremely difficult. I managed to narrow it down to a few things I did every day that helped me stay on my toes and flex my creativity when I could and I'll list those below.

I always start my day by making coffee. I use a pour over with freshly ground coffee to make the most amazing cup ever, but also the whole process is my way of starting my day with some creativity and routine. Coffee puts me in the right mood and the process puts me in the right mindset. With my cup in hand, I can take on the day at home with confidence!

The grind never stops

I was one of the fortunate people who still had classes to attend and do work for while stuck at home so I managed to stay busy for the better part of each day, but what about the other times? I would fill those with music, YouTube, and photography. I listen to music while doing literally anything not because I hate silence, but because I'd rather have something to keep my mind at ease. I watched funny videos on YouTube, videos about photography and new techniques, and other content I enjoy in my spare time. Most importantly though, I learned new techniques in photography.

I watched videos about interior and product photography and tried to master each since I was at home all day every day. I would create these elaborate sets for some product I care about and take a ton of images that I can then edit and NOT put on social media. I deleted my socials for a few weeks during quarantine but that's another story for another post. Next, I tried my hand at interior photography as it is really similar to product photography just of a bigger product. I'm still trying to figure out some techniques here and there, but I still managed to create enough interesting work to catch the attention of a realtor which is a win in my book.

My room at its cleanest

I was very unmotivated in the beginning to do anything creative as I hate being stuck at home, but I learned to make the best of it by doing what I love. This helped me to stay sane during that time and actually manage to keep my skills somewhat sharp so I didn't get rusty while out shooting once it was all over. Now that businesses are opening, I am trying to pursue fashion photography by reaching out to a couple of fashion boutiques and I am very excited as this is an area of lifestyle portrait and product photography I have always wanted to get into.

Stay tuned for a post about how those turn out and I hope you gained something from how I survived during quarantine by learning and trying new things!

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